Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong

“A powerful depiction of justice gone awry.”
-Darryl Burton, exoneree

“Provocative, unsettling and dramatically arresting… a winner in every way.”
-Jamie Portman, Capital Critics Circle

“Glover does an absolutely spectacular job… In all, a must see.”
-The Road to 1,000

“Simply riveting.”
-Iris Winston, Capital Critics Circle


Years after a violent crime, a young woman grapples with new evidence that suggests she may have sent the wrong man to prison. A solo drama inspired by actual events.

Author’s Note

Author’s Note

Megan Shepard and Jabari Woods are fictional characters, and all details about them, and about the crime, are my own invention, but this play was inspired by actual events. About ten years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing a woman in the same situation as Megan Shepard, and it was the only time in my work as a journalist that I came close to crying during an interview. I covered a similar story several years later in Chicago, and after that I began reading books and articles about other cases, of which there are far too many. The situation depicted in this show may seem hard to believe, but unfortunately, it is very real.



Dead Wrong

written and performed by
Katherine Glover

directed by
Nancy Donoval

sound design
Theodore Sherman

recorded voices
Zoe Benston, Rod Peter Jr.,
Marcel Nunis, Theodore Sherman

writing feedback
Nancy Donoval, Lane McKiernan

Special thanks
All Fringe staff, billets and volunteers,
Nicole Kubista, Khary Jackson, Ward Rubrecht,
Ian Opoku, Amy Lee Radigan, Patricia Sherman

Dead Wrong Performance History

Performance History

Rogue Festival
March 1 – 10, 2012, Fresno, California

Ottawa Fringe Festival
June 16 – 26, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario

KC Fringe Festival
July 19 – 29, 2012, Kansas City, Missouri

Minnesota Fringe Festival
August 2 – 12, 2012, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Edmonton Fringe Festival
August 16 – 26, 2012, Edmonton, Alberta

Freshwater Theatre Company
September 13 – 19, 2012, Nimbus Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

United Solo
October 16, 2012, Theatre Row, New York, New York

January 20-21, 2013, Prop Thtr, Chicago, Illinois

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival
July 17 – 28, 2013, Winnipeg, Manitoba