Burning Brothels: Sex and Death in Nevada

Burning Brothels: Sex and Death in Nevada

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WARNING: These stories are not about sex.
They’re about arson, murder, bribery, corruption and greed.
Well, okay, and maybe a little bit of sex.

A solo show about the only U.S. state with legal prostitution.


written and performed by:
Katherine Glover

writing feedback:
Nancy Donoval, Lane McKiernan

performance feedback:
Marcel Nunis, Jason Kruger, Matthew Foster

publicity photos: Skot Nelson
wig and make-up: Andrea Heilman

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I did substantial research for this show, reading dozens of books and hundreds of articles, as well as interviewing numerous men and women involved in the sex trade, legally or otherwise. This is a partial bibliography, not a comprehensive list, especially the articles; I have just listed sources that were indispensable for my show and that included information not available elsewhere.
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