Ronald Reagan: Time Traveler

A group of time travelers wants Reagan to help save the Republican Party. A rival group wants to teach him a Scrooge-style moral lesson. But Reagan’s reaction to 2016 may not be what any of them expect…

Title image

Production History

Produced at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, August 2017

Directed by Denzel Belin

Phillip Schramm as Ronald Reagan
Mike Hentges as Joe
Shahd Elkhier as Ifrah
Erik Bredeson as Uncle Leo/George Bush/Dog/Scientist/Pope John Paul II/El Donaldo/Etc.
Isabel Middleton-Watts as Linda/Nancy Reagan/John Hinckley Jr./Andrew Jackson/Tip O’Neill/Film Historian/El Donaldo/Etc.
Mitch Vosejpka as Edwin Meese/Billy/George Bush/Doctor/Housewife/El Donaldo/Etc.

Stage Manager: Allison Knauss

Tech Rehearsal Photos (August 2017)

cast photo

Ronald Reagan and Edwin Meese in the Oval Office, as Joe invisibly looks on...

cast photo

Shahd Elkhier as Ifrah

cast photo

Mike Hentges (Joe) and Isabel Middleton-Watts (Linda)

cast photo

Erik Bredeson as Uncle Leo

umbrella time-porter

This is how we time travel

cast photo

The mind-sanitizer "cleanses your thoughts of any self-doubt or factual inconsistencies."

piƱata that looks like the 45th president

El Donaldo

giant scissors

Did someone say "budget cuts"?

Reagan holding "Actual Quote" sign

My journalistic instincts show through...

cast photo

"Oh Billy..." (Two of the dozens of characters played by Mitch Vosejpka and Isabel Middleton-Watts)

cast photo

It wouldn't be a Ronald Reagan play without jellybeans