The Sweeter the Crime

Virginia Sondergaard seems to know who killed Craig Bowman — the local principal and Virginia’s illicit lover twenty years back — but it’s hard to say. Her mind is going, she’s beginning to confuse her past with her present, and when she is lucid, she doesn’t always tell the truth — especially to her estranged son Richard, the police detective assigned to the case.

Production History

Workshop and readings with Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee
Part of the 2015 Br!nk New Play Festival
Directed by Suzan Fete, with dramaturgy by Jake Voss.
Featuring Linda Stephens (Virginia Sondergaard); Philip Sletteland (Richard Sondergaard); Linnéa Koeppel (Anna Sondergaard); Joe Picchetti (Damien Rothstein); and Tami Workentin (Elise Bowman).


Announcing the 2015 Br!nk Playwrights...

BrinkMy latest full-length play The Sweeter the Crime has been selected for a workshop and a series of readings with Renaissance Theaterworks in Milwaukee.

The BR!NK award "is presented annually to Midwestern female playwrights to develop and advance their work." I am one of two playwrights chosen this year; I'll be spending a week there workshopping the play in August and will return in September for the readings. The full announcement is here.