What I’m Doing in October

Word Sprout logoWord Sprout blog posts, Aug. 12-15
This happened in August, but this is the month I’m telling you about it… Word Sprout had a Blogger in Residence program over the summer featuring various Twin Cities spoken word artists, and each blogger wrote three posts – one about who they are, one giving advice, and one promoting upcoming shows. I won’t link to the third one, since this post already contains all the promotion you could ever need, but here are the first two:

The Man in Her Dreams – Oct. 4-19
The full-length expansion of Dead Wrong runs for three weeks at Nimbus Theatre. More info at www.freshwatertheatre.com.

The Encyclopedia Show – Oct. 11 & 19
We are doing not one but TWO shows this month, one of them a special event tied to a book tour. See my shiny new calendar for details.

Ruination: Cities of Dust – Oct. 18 & 19
A mystery game on bicycles. I will be one of the actors giving clues and challenges. More info via Northern Lights.mn.

The Man in Her Dreams World Premiere

MIHD show imagePresented by Freshwater Theatre Company
October 4-18 2014
at Nimbus Theatre, 1517 Old Central Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Megan Shepard is positive that Jabari Woods is the man who assaulted her and left her for dead in a local park. Nikki Woods knows her husband was home with his family the entire time. And Gloria Woods knows only that she wants her son out of prison. A play about memory, justice, and living with a loved one behind bars.

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What I’m Doing in July

Show photo1. Jumpin’ Jack Kerouac, July 31 – August 10, Minneapolis, MN
I’m in a dance show! At the Minnesota Fringe! The fabulous Windy Bowlsby, who created the hit dance show “Boogie-ography” at the 2012 Minnesota Fringe, has challenged herself to choreograph a group of writers and make us look good. And she seems to be succeeding — I’ve seen some of the pieces I’m not in, and they look adorable. At the Rarig Proscenium; see more details at the Fringe website.

2. This or That, Annapolis, MD
The Colonial Players is producing Alien Love Triangle as part of its 2014 Summer One-Act Play Festival, “This or That.” The festival has two groups of plays — one called “This” and one called “That,” and ALT is part of “That,” which plays on July 18, 20, 24, & 26. It is directed by Lelia TahaBurt and described as “a tongue-in-cheek, sci-fi farce taking place on an alien planet.” I can’t be there, unfortunately, but they have promised to send pictures.

3. Revising ‘The Man in Her Dreams’ for October production!
Freshwater Theatre is producing The Man in Her Dreams this fall so I’m working on some edits of the script before they start rehearsals. The show will run October 4-18 at Nimbus Theatre; I’ll post details as we get closer to the date.

4. Updating my website
Finally. It had been awhile. Oops.

A Blurry Photo from the Reading

The reading was at Nimbus Theatre in Minneapolis and I took this dark and terrible photo of this bright and amazing cast:
MIHD reading
From left to right: Ariel Leaf as Izzy/stage directions; Katie Starks as Megan Shepard; Joy Dolo as Gloria Woods; Khary Jackson as Jabari Woods; Mame Pelletier as Nikki Woods; Scot Moore as Detective Jack Louis/Martin Fisher; and Mickaylee Shaughnessy as Prosecutor/stage directions.

More news on this play coming soon…

ALT Opening Night

I was at the opening of my new one-act, Alien Love Triangle, on Sunday, and I thought the cast and director did a fantastic job. I was particularly delighted with the physicality of K’Sh, the alien character, who is played by three actors. My only instructions were to NOT do the obvious and have a three-headed monster draped in a sheet or a six-legged horse, but to be creative — and indeed they were. This K’Sh was ever-shifting, with the actors stacking themselves onto each other’s shoulders when K’Sh needed to walk, and then oozing into alternate configurations for more static scenes. I hope to have pictures to post soon…

Alien Love Triangle

part of Freshwater Goes Back to High School
at Nimbus Theatre, April 14, 18, 19, 21 & 25, 2013

Directed by Katie Starks
Robin: Amber Bjork
Max: Joe Swanson
K’Sh: Derek Ewing, Ariel Leaf, Maggie K. Sotos

Alien Love Triangle

My one-act play “Alien Love Triangle” opens April 14 at Nimbus Theatre as part of “Freshwater Goes Back to High School.”

Freshwater Theatre put out a call for scripts meeting Minnesota State High School League One Act competition criteria, so that high school theater directors won’t have to cut regular one acts from 45 minutes to 30 minutes (and as a former high school actor, I know how frustrating this can be)… and mine was selected! The show features three one-acts, including mine (using adult actors) and then Freshwater is also publishing the scripts in an anthology along with four others.

All Performances will be at Nimbus Theatre, 1517 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Performance Dates and Times:

April 14, 7pm
April 18, 7pm
April 19, 7pm
April 21, 7pm
April 25, 7pm (pay what you can)

Tickets $12, $10 with Minnesota Fringe button.

More info/reservations: www.freshwatertheatre.com

Broken Resolutions

I did Theatre Unbound‘s 24-Hour Play Project again this year (or the 24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown, as they call it) and once again, I lucked out by getting a fantastic director and actors who made me and my writing partner (Ruth Virkus) look really good (though the energy felt much better in real life than it appears in this tiny video…)

For those who don’t know, the way a 24-hour play project works is that we, the writers, show up on Friday night and have until 5am to write a brand new ten-minute play, incorporating whatever wacky ingredients are assigned to us. The next day, while we’re sleeping in, the producer assigns actors and directors, who have the rest of the day to rehearse — and then Saturday night, the plays are performed.

Theatre Unbound’s 2013 Ingredients:

A line of Dialogue: “Yes, due to liability issues.”
An object whose name no one wants to say
Sudden lust for an inanimate object
Exit, pursued by a bear (allow creative interpretation of the word “bear”)
An award

The Result

(along with five other plays)
Broken Resolutions
Written by: Katherine Glover and Ruth Virkus
Directed by: Emilia Allen
Featuring: Shalee Coleman, Ty Martin, Maddie Scanlan and Renee Werbowski