Alien Love Triangle

Winner of 2013 Ivey Award for playwriting.

Two scientists, stranded on the planet Ch’Shh-Ts after a crash landing, have one last chance to return to Earth — but will love keep them from going home?

“Hilarious.”Bay Weekly, Annapolis, MD

Derek Ewing, Ariel Leaf, and Maggie K. Sotos as K'Sh in Freshwater Theatre's 2013 production.

Derek Ewing, Ariel Leaf, and Maggie K. Sotos as K’Sh in Freshwater Theatre’s 2013 production.

Production History:

Colonial Players, Annapolis, MN
part of ‘This or That’ one-act festival
July 2014

Freshwater Theatre Company, Minneapolis
part of ‘Freshwater Theatre Goes Back to High School’
April 2013

Published in Freshwater Theatre Goes Back to High School.


This or That, Annapolis, Maryland

Alien Love Triangle was part of Colonial Players' 2014 Summer One-Act Play Festival, “This or That.” The festival has two groups of plays — one called "This" and one called "That," and ALT was part of "That," which played on July 18, 20, 24, & 26. It was described as "a tongue-in-cheek, sci-fi farce taking place on an alien planet." I couldn't be there, unfortunately, but they did send pictures.


Directed by Lelia TahaBurt and featuring Richard Atha-Nicholls as Max, Erica Jureckson as Robin, and Chloe Kubit, Sam Morton and Brooke Penn as K'Sh.

Photos from Freshwater performance of ALT

Holy Smokes, I Won a Flippin' Ivey!

PHOTO: Ivey Award

with Ruth Virkus and Ben Layne of Freshwater Theatre Company

2013 Ivey Awards, Monday September 23
"Katherine Glover, Jeri Weiss, & Alissa M. Shellito
Playwrights, Freshwater Goes Back to High School
(Freshwater Theatre Company)"


Freshwater Anthology Now Available

FreshwaterHSFreshwater Goes Back to High School: An Anthology of One Acts for High School Performance is now available on

Alien Love Triangle is the first play in the book, followed by the two others Freshwater produced in April, plus four "bonus" plays.

ALT Opening Night

I was at the opening of my new one-act, Alien Love Triangle, on Sunday, and I thought the cast and director did a fantastic job. I was particularly delighted with the physicality of K'Sh, the alien character, who is played by three actors. My only instructions were to NOT do the obvious and have a three-headed monster draped in a sheet or a six-legged horse, but to be creative -- and indeed they were. This K'Sh was ever-shifting, with the actors stacking themselves onto each other's shoulders when K'Sh needed to walk, and then oozing into alternate configurations for more static scenes. I hope to have pictures to post soon...

Alien Love Triangle

part of Freshwater Goes Back to High School
at Nimbus Theatre, April 14, 18, 19, 21 & 25, 2013

Directed by Katie Starks
Robin: Amber Bjork
Max: Joe Swanson
K'Sh: Derek Ewing, Ariel Leaf, Maggie K. Sotos

Alien Love Triangle

My one-act play "Alien Love Triangle" opens April 14 at Nimbus Theatre as part of "Freshwater Goes Back to High School."

Freshwater Theatre put out a call for scripts meeting Minnesota State High School League One Act competition criteria, so that high school theater directors won't have to cut regular one acts from 45 minutes to 30 minutes (and as a former high school actor, I know how frustrating this can be)... and mine was selected! The show features three one-acts, including mine (using adult actors) and then Freshwater is also publishing the scripts in an anthology along with four others.

All Performances will be at Nimbus Theatre, 1517 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Performance Dates and Times:

April 14, 7pm
April 18, 7pm
April 19, 7pm
April 21, 7pm
April 25, 7pm (pay what you can)

Tickets $12, $10 with Minnesota Fringe button.

More info/reservations: