ALT Opening Night

I was at the opening of my new one-act, Alien Love Triangle, on Sunday, and I thought the cast and director did a fantastic job. I was particularly delighted with the physicality of K’Sh, the alien character, who is played by three actors. My only instructions were to NOT do the obvious and have a three-headed monster draped in a sheet or a six-legged horse, but to be creative — and indeed they were. This K’Sh was ever-shifting, with the actors stacking themselves onto each other’s shoulders when K’Sh needed to walk, and then oozing into alternate configurations for more static scenes. I hope to have pictures to post soon…

Alien Love Triangle

part of Freshwater Goes Back to High School
at Nimbus Theatre, April 14, 18, 19, 21 & 25, 2013

Directed by Katie Starks
Robin: Amber Bjork
Max: Joe Swanson
K’Sh: Derek Ewing, Ariel Leaf, Maggie K. Sotos