written and performed by:
Katherine Glover

writing feedback:
Nancy Donoval, Lane McKiernan

performance feedback:
Marcel Nunis, Jason Kruger, Matthew Foster

publicity photos: Skot Nelson
wig and make-up: Andrea Heilman


All Fringe staff, volunteers and technicians.

Susan Lopez, Robin Gillette, Christopher Bauleke, Desiree Alliance, Jessi Winchester, Amanda Brooks, Candice Seppa Arroyo, Allen Lichtenstein, Barb Brents, George Flint, Russ Reade, and all helpful librarians, especially the interlibrary loan department at Minneapolis Central Library.

Colleen Elkin, Stephanie Hall-Koch, Mike & Elizabeth Borchert, Sabir Nazarov, Marcel Nunis, Joy Mohler, Allison Rozell Tatum & Ajay Radhakrishnan, Justin Wahe, Eli Piper, David Low, Luke Linhoff, and all of the generous people who hosted me during research trips or festivals.

Ben Egerman, Ward Rubrecht, Erin Busby and Steve Allen.