What I’ve Been Working On

I’ve been fortunate enough to have back-to-back projects since July, which has been exhausting but also wonderful. I often have a hard time motivating myself without deadlines, so the result has been constant writing, which is, after all, my favorite thing. (Even when I hate it.)

#1: Dead Zones – an episode of the upcoming anthology podcast Down By the Lake, produced by Alayna Jacqueline, who is a fellow member of the Playwright Cabal. A diverse group of algae must overcome their differences and learn to work together in order to achieve a common goal: killing a human. The series is scheduled to drop in 2020.

#2: The Box (or Untitled Katherines Project) – a 20-minute musical by myself and composer Katherine Bergman, commissioned by Nautilus Music Theater for performers Andrea Leap and Joel Liestman. It will appear as part of Nautilus’ “Rough Cuts” series some time in 2020, with further development TBD.

#3: Faster – in a future where bionic athletes dominate elite sports, two natural runners grapple with what it means to be a winner, to be human, and to be your best. Phase one was a staged reading on December 10 as part of New Leaf, a new play reading series co-produced by The Playwright Cabal, Sophie Peyton, and Arts’ Nest, supported by a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.

Next Up: A ten-minute play for Girl Shorts, produced in March 2020 by Theatre Unbound.