Up Next: Chile!

I’m finishing up the first draft of a new full-length play (currently titled “Forgotten Crimes”) and then heading to Chile for a six week bike trip on the Careterra Austral. By myself. Which is a little adventurous, even for me, but… I basically got tricked into it. Two friends of mine were going, friends who have done numerous bike treks before and absolutely know what they’re doing, and I was just tagging along. But then these friends had to bail, and by that point, I’d already bought the gear (new bike, ultra-light tent, etc), spent weeks training, and gotten super-stoked, so… I’m going.

I’ve got short pieces in two shows coming up in Minneapolis in December — the horror anthology Hennepin Avenue Nightmares and the live comedy podcast Big Fun Radio Funtime, and then I leave on January 5. (Burglars: I do have roommates, so don’t get excited). The plan is to return on February 12, so if you have a hard time getting in touch with me during that period, that is probably why.