The Joe Hill Connection

I got an email from the Joe Hill fan club earlier this year, asking about a story I wrote in college. The story won a contest, the A. E. Coppard Prize for Long Fiction. Joe Hill was the judge. He was not yet an established writer, much less a bestselling one; his first book wouldn’t come out for several years.

The head of the fan club asked for a copy of the original chapbook with Joe Hill’s introduction, and he also wanted to know if I’d be willing to share the story on the website he runs, The Joe Hill Collection. Apparently I’m peripherally famous.

Click on image for PDF of the story

I only have two personal copies left of the chapbook, but I’ve created a PDF version of the text. The story was originally published as “Raped Diaries”; I later re-titled it “The Diary Thief.”

Joe Hill’s introduction in the chapbook said, “Katherine Glover writes with a care and cool precision that reminds me of Ruth Rendell, and with a bleak, deadpan sense of humor that brings to mind the comic vision of Steven Wright. She is a writer of unmistakable talent, and Raped Diaries is as chilling a debut as you are likely to read anywhere.”