Moving to Los Angeles

In less than two weeks, I start driving to my new apartment in LA.

Last May I was watching an episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for the third time (the one with the song “Research Me Obsessively”) and I had a thought that I have had many, many, many times before: “Man I would LOVE to write for a show like this. That would be a dream job — but I’d have to live in LA, and I could never could do that because [long list of reasons].”

This time, however, I stopped myself and wondered, wait a minute, are those real reasons? Or are those just excuses because I’m afraid of failure?

Within a month the decision was made. There was nothing holding me in Minneapolis; my former partner moved out last December, and my apartment is still a minefield of memories. It’s a good time for a change.

I love how TV has evolved as a medium, I love all the amazing shows that are coming out faster than I can keep up with them, and I love the idea of working collaboratively.

My desire to collaborate is new; I blame Ben Krywosz and the Nautilus Music-Theater studio, which I participated in a couple of years ago. The workshop is supposedly designed to teach you about music theater and artistic collaboration — and it does — but it also secretly teaches you be a better human being. It gives you skills to better connect with people in all contexts.

The workshop changed my view of the collaborative process — at its best, collaboration is not about compromise, but about multiple visions colliding and clashing until a new vision emerges — something beyond what any individual in the group could have ever come up with on their own. I want to be a part of that, in any way I can.

I also hear rumors that TV writers get paid a living wage.

I have no idea what my life is going to look like over the next couple of years, but I’m excited to find out.