Broken Resolutions

I did Theatre Unbound‘s 24-Hour Play Project again this year (or the 24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown, as they call it) and once again, I lucked out by getting a fantastic director and actors who made me and my writing partner (Ruth Virkus) look really good (though the energy felt much better in real life than it appears in this tiny video…)

For those who don’t know, the way a 24-hour play project works is that we, the writers, show up on Friday night and have until 5am to write a brand new ten-minute play, incorporating whatever wacky ingredients are assigned to us. The next day, while we’re sleeping in, the producer assigns actors and directors, who have the rest of the day to rehearse — and then Saturday night, the plays are performed.

Theatre Unbound’s 2013 Ingredients:

A line of Dialogue: “Yes, due to liability issues.”
An object whose name no one wants to say
Sudden lust for an inanimate object
Exit, pursued by a bear (allow creative interpretation of the word “bear”)
An award

The Result

(along with five other plays)
Broken Resolutions
Written by: Katherine Glover and Ruth Virkus
Directed by: Emilia Allen
Featuring: Shalee Coleman, Ty Martin, Maddie Scanlan and Renee Werbowski