2013 Summer Fringe Festival Tour

Winnipeg Fringe (July 17-28)

I’m doing Dead Wrong in Winnipeg this year, and I just got my venue and schedule. I’m at Red River College again, which I think is a perfect venue for this show, so I’m happy with that, and most of my time slots look pretty good. The exception is the 10:45pm slot on Monday night — not exactly the ideal time for an intense drama, but we will make the best of it! (“We” meaning me and the two or three people who I imagine will attend that particular performance…)

Minnesota Fringe (August 1-11)

I am up to #6 on the waitlist! Everyone keeps telling me I’m pretty much guaranteed to get in, but we shall see… I’ll be doing Burning Brothels. And of course, since it’s my home town Fringe, I’ll be hanging out whether I get in or not. [Update: I got in!]

IndyFringe (August 15-25)

I’m doing Burning Brothels! I last did Indy in 2009 (with A Cynic Tells Love Stories) so it’s been awhile, and I’m looking forward to going back.