Praise for “It is So Ordered”

And more good news: It is So Ordered was proclaimed “A Must See” by infamous theater critic Dominic Papatola…

Must See: Don’t let the fact that this is an hour-long oral interpretation of a half-dozen Supreme Court opinions dissuade you. Some of the cases are mundane (such as Antonin Scalia’s snarky meditation on golf). Some are landmark (John Harlan’s sole, heartfelt dissent in the Plessy versus Ferguson case that blighted the nation with its “separate but equal” doctrine). But the writings show the pulse and the passion of the law as interpreted by the nation’s highest court over more than a century. You’ll walk out a little smarter… and a little more appreciative of our maddening and magnificent system.

Of course, I wasn’t in the opening night performance, but I will be in all of the others. (It’s the same show, just with different performers reading the material.)