By Any Other Name – The Rake

By Any Other Name
by Katherine Glover
The Rake
July 2003

A joke that starts off “a duck walks into a bar,” has good odds of being funny. Ducks are funny. A joke beginning “a water buffalo walks into a bar” just doesn’t have the same ring. But “a can of Spam walks into a bar” – now that’s hilarious. … So when a company that makes spam-blocking software tries to trademark the name “Spam Arrest,” and Hormel takes legal action, it’s funny.

Praying at Work – Medill News Service

Chicago Muslim professionals go with the flow
by Katherine Glover
Medill News Service
May 2007

Mazen Asbahi admits he sometimes misses prayers. As a lawyer with Schiff Hardin LLP, sometimes he’s in negotiations all day and can’t break out. “A more hard-core Muslim who’s more senior might say, ‘I need to make a five minute break,'” Asbahi said, “but at my point in my career, I can’t always do that.”

St. Salesman – The Rake

St. Salesman
by Katherine Glover
The Rake
February 2004

My mother’s house wasn’t selling. No one was even looking at it; a total of four open houses had yielded less than a dozen people, most of them curious neighbors with no intention of buying. When she shared her troubles with co-workers at the hospital where she works, a fellow nurse directed her to obtain a miniature statue of St. Joseph, bury it in the back yard, and pray for him to sell the house. My mother’s not a religious person, but she figured she had nothing to lose.

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