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All Worked Up
The new issue in environmental justice: paychecks
by Katherine Glover
Sierra Magazine
September/October 2009

“There’s nothing exciting about crawling into an attic and insulating it, but if you understand that you are helping your community, that can take you the extra mile. Green jobs are inherently meaningful and dignified.”

Iraqi Translators in Danger – WBEZ

PHOTO: MohammedIraqi Translators in Danger
by Katherine Glover
Worldview, Chicago Public Radio
March 2007

"It’s kind of like you know when you watch an action movie… but it’s [a] sad movie."

An Iraqi immigrant leaves the U.S. for Baghdad after Hussein’s fall — only to learn that things are more dangerous than ever.

Originally produced through the Immigration Here and There project at the Medill School of Journalism.

Not the Man I Married

PHOTO: April and TracyNot the Man I Married (PDF)
by Katherine Glover
Minnesota Law & Politics
August/September 2008

When a trans person marries a member of his or her new gender before transitioning, is there any reason the union shouldn’t be considered legal? (PDF article)

graphicWhy can’t gay dwarves get married in Middle-earth?
by Katherine Glover
April 28, 2007

I can vouch for my stepbrother — he’s a big supporter of equal rights for the gay and lesbian community. But when the issue of gay marriage came up at work, he voted against it. Same-sex marriage for U.S. citizens is one thing, but same-sex marriage for gay dwarves in Middle-earth is quite another.